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  1. screenshot of kylie fisher website
  2. screenshot of kylie fisher website
  3. screenshot of kylie fisher website

Kylie Fisher

This aim of this site was to promote an online presence for our first client and to test our design and communication skills at delivering them a final product that was as true to they're vision. My client was photographer Kylie Fisher who wanted to showcase her current work with a minimalistic approach and be able to update her images as she increased her portfolio. I managed to do this with with the help of a PHP script to link upto her flickr account.

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  2. screenshot of icontastic website
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The Big Icon

The aim of this site was to create suitable icons in Illustrator for a visual interface as the main navigation. The choice of colour scheme and visuals were up to us, we just had to make sure they were as easy to use and recognisable as possible. I decided to go for a film noir style approach with one primary colour to focus on details to enable the main icons to stand. To keep in with the theme I decided to create icons you would associate with the old detective series that are so recognisable today.

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  1. screenshot of holding page website
  2. screenshot of holding page website
  3. screenshot of holding page website

Holding Page

This site was to create a profile holding page linking to our current projects whilst allowing us to create a visual presence online. This was my introduction to PHP scripts and in particular the rotating background image property where I learned to see real time code adjustments using MAMP within the local server. This site also introduced me to the limitations of particular browser support and what I could and could not use, whilst allowing me to incorporate my image manipulation work within the site to create a truly personal result.

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  2. screenshot of web talk website
  3. screenshot of web talk website

Talk Web Design

This site was a side project in which I had to write up from my notes what was discussed at a local talk that I attended at Greenwich University. The event hosted several key members of the web community who discussed current design principles and how they approach client work as well as an introduction to HTML5 and its new elements. I decided to go with a simple note book theme to tie in with the note taking I made whilst at the talk, as well as adding sketches of the speakers to help with the overall theme.

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  1. screenshot of greenpeace website
  2. screenshot of greenpeace website
  3. screenshot of greenpeace website


The aim of this project was to create a promotional micro site for one of Greenpeace's many ecological campaigns using a combination of images, text and links. My campaign of choice was the deforestation in Indonesia and what you and Greenpeace could do to help to prevent this destrution. This site introduced me to styling individual pages seperately through specific body tag targeting and checking compatability in multiple browsers including they're previous versions and the older more problematic Internet Explorer 6.

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  1. screenshot of box website
  2. screenshot of box website
  3. screenshot of box website

Box Imaginarium

This was my first hand coded mini site which introduced me to styling and positioning a pages content with CSS. To help with the idea of the box model technique we used to grasp the positioning of elements in a page, we had to produce a site based on the subject of boxes. I decided to pick cardboard boxes because i wanted to take something dull and benign and make it fun and colourful.

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